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"He can't lie in the street. May we bring him in, marm?" eavesdroppers?' "'I wish you, John,' said my uncle, 'to witness my will. I leave invested it, and came up by leaps and bounds." hurried from the room as impulsively as she had entered, and we Pool. to a light-house. silent, while his eyes travelled round and round and up and down, villages, where a few lights still glimmered in the windows. sitting-room in his dressing-gown, reading the agony column of The prank--upon me. It was a pretty expensive joke for them, for it above the wrist, where the typewritist presses against the table, Godfrey Norton, bachelor. It was all done in an instant, and "What's up, then?" asked Holmes with a twinkle in his eye. "You "'Oh,' said he, 'his name was William Morris. He was a solicitor "Well, it is very ingenious," said I, laughing; "but since, as from? I am somewhat of a fowl fancier, and I have seldom seen a touch that coronet?' lodging-house mahogany. There were a couple of brace of cold in my mind tended, no doubt, to make me even less so than usual. engage in an affair when there is some obstacle in the way. I "It certainly sounds feasible." photograph and a letter. The photograph was of Irene Adler "No, for it was followed by a protestation of innocence." the point. I have a professional commission for you, but absolute "A thousand pounds! Great Lord of mercy!" The commissionaire "You reasoned it out beautifully," I exclaimed in unfeigned "My uncle Elias emigrated to America when he was a young man and and then, glancing at the message, threw it across to me. Stoner was now sleeping, and in which her sister had met with her "Pray sit down on the sofa," said Holmes gently. "You had my I sold my character. God help me! God help me!" He burst into from her and soon overtook Frank. We got into a cab together, and Your niece, when you had, as she thought, gone to your room, "One horse?" interjected Holmes. state of Mississippi and granted tax exempt status by the Internal The note was undated, and without either signature or address. "I did not say a probable one. But you do not yourself look upon puckered lids. Then he walked slowly up the street, and then down did not mind you so much, as you are not connected with the many disagreements about me. Mr. McCarthy was very anxious that there when the Rucastles went away." goals and ensuring that the Project Gutenberg-tm collection will unbuttoned in the front, and a drab waistcoat with a heavy brassy from Paddington and were waiting in the consulting-room. I little distance down Threadneedle Street, upon the left-hand happened within a few yards of your bed and that you heard "Oh, you mean the little problem of the Grosvenor Square place--within ten miles of Reading. I was fortunate enough to breathing of my companions, but I could distinguish the deeper, disposition. During all the years that he lived at Horsham, I "We'll call a cab and go together. We shall just be in time to Beyond these signs of his activity, however, which I merely of Oxfordshire, and within seven miles of Reading. There is a the best of training." reference to my own special subject. You look at these scattered are bound to disappoint? I am not over-tender of heart, but I "No, it is not even attached to a wire. This is very interesting. "It was only a joke at first," groaned our visitor. "We never suggestive than it might have been," he remarked, "and yet there What do you deduce from it?" "There is one thing," said John Openshaw. He rummaged in his coat "You have neither of you any doubt as to your son's guilt?" yourself very wet lately, and that you have a most clumsy and Holmes grinned at the last item. "Well," he said, "I say now, as concerned with an opal tiara. I think it was before your time, case. I can make neither head nor tail of the business." Standard, Echo, and any others that occur to you." think, you have already met." of steel. She has the face of the most beautiful of women, and detained." note, it is important also, or at least the initials are, so I "'Where could I find him?' Holmes as his client paused and refreshed his memory with a huge "Where did you address your letters, then?" collection are in the public domain in the United States. If an what is involved by your theory. You suppose that your son came "Ha! You say so! You have heard something, Mr. Holmes; you have I am not sure that he has not a claim to be third. I have known "'That is very awkward. Could I not come at some more convenient the morning he was saying to me that, whatever happened, I was to information in his hands the value of which he did not himself suggested that we should quietly and secretly work our own little companion quietly. great personal beauty. Yet when I think of him in cold blood, far way in everything. "And yet," said I, smiling, "I cannot quite hold myself absolved His silence appears to me to cut both ways. There are several "I have seen too much not to know that the impression of a woman I had better take a look at the lower windows before I go up." "Oh, it won't do--really it won't," said Holmes suavely. "There in darkness. to time, or stopping the wagons on the road to the diggings. http://pglaf.org/fundraising. Contributions to the Project Gutenberg the last man to see the gentleman of whom we are in quest." often do from fifteen to twenty sheets in a day." apparelled, but had refused to credit that it was his mistress, the open, that I could think of nothing except of my father. Yet a struggle between them, your lad tugging at one side of the uncouth man, with grizzled hair and whiskers, and a perpetual traces of doubt which might have remained in the minds of the that?' said I. Holmes and I had listened spellbound to this extraordinary story. three days at Bristol, and had only just returned upon the outline of an instep where the wet foot had been placed in coming why, then, how could any gentleman ask you to condescend to singular points about the case. What did the police think of the above the fireplace. "I only wish that you could come with me, he went prospecting in Arizona, and then I heard of him from New understand a little more clearly what it is that you wish me to gentleman's attentions, and the effect was increased by the "There, now!" she cried, throwing back her head and looking "Some cold beef and a glass of beer," he answered, ringing the disposal, and I was quickly between the sheets, for I was weary animal by the contemplation of a single bone, so the observer who should know if evil came upon him. On the very day that I saw him "We'll call a cab and go together. We shall just be in time to for openness, but I was so ashamed of it all that I felt as if I "Away they went, and I was just wondering whether I should not do all I knew, but whether north, south, east, or west I had no the beautiful Stroud Valley, and over the broad gleaming Severn, subject to the trademark license, especially commercial stories of which my employer had an immense r├ępertoire, and which seemed quite exaggerated in its vehemence. They were waiting for moment her knees seemed to give way and she fell to the ground. "Away they went, and I was just wondering whether I should not do dash it all!' said he, 'I've let them go at six hundred for the point our research must commence, and we will begin it by product. One by one the management of the noble houses of Great bill, which interests me deeply." "Subtle enough and horrible enough. When a doctor does go wrong Stoner was now sleeping, and in which her sister had met with her London for the present?" contained a verbatim account of the inquest. In the surgeon's get the tickets." enter Dr. Roylott's room." "'Well,' said I, 'you said you'd give me one for Christmas, and I side. Sometimes Holmes would hurry on, sometimes stop dead, and photograph is now as safe as if it were in the fire." "No, no; it is, it is his very own writing!" "I've had enough of you and your geese," he shouted. "I wish you blotting-paper has been used. If it had been written straight done what I asked you, Jones?" which is a distinct proof of a weakening nature. On the other face of it, and also that he was fairly well-to-do within the my presence, she went straight to her uncle and passed her hand he might, and I took the liberty of bringing the tools with me." speak calmly; 'I would go. I should not stay here. There is no "You have carte blanche." could gather together that I was able to avert another public once more on the important position which you have been fortunate It was about ten minutes before we regained our cab and drove "'Certainly not. But why?' He held out his snuffbox of old gold, with a great amethyst in "He said that you could solve anything." his eyes. "I trust that I am not intruding. I fear that I have stable-boy sleeps, and we shall soon have the trap out." He had no great pleasure in our lives. No servant would stay with "You villain!" said he, "where's your daughter?" "My opinion is in no way altered." his ear, while all the tags of his harness were sticking out of upon the table he drew over the lamp and examined it intently. I Baker. It is a cold night, and I observe that your circulation is dreadfully convulsed. At first I thought that she had not "'The ceremony, which was performed at St. George's, Hanover produce her letters for blackmailing or other purposes, how is had a long day." drunkard. I ran to her and threw my arms round her, but at that nonsense.' "For two days after my arrival at the Copper Beeches my life was this matter, which I shall expect the bank to refund, but beyond "Your Majesty must pay. It must be bought." week to the list of the prizes which have been borne away by marrying his son to Turner's daughter, who is, presumably, prove that it had been wound up two hours before, and that cigar and let me expound." Holmes shook his head like a man who is far from being satisfied. the evening of the tragedy that had occurred. see a sister of mine apply for." in the dead of the night?' savage fits of passion and gloomy intervals of sulking. Giving studied, near at hand. Beside the couch was a wooden chair, and "I will do so, and I must be quick, for I have promised Mr. "Ah, and what did you gather from this allusion to a band--a "That is well. To-morrow I shall set to work upon your case." the flags which lined the floor. "Why, dear me, it sounds quite however, seeing perhaps the look of incredulity upon my face, It was a cold morning of the early spring, and we sat after the first wife was the daughter who has gone to Philadelphia. Mr. he released me. 'I perceive that all is as it should be. But we square, black morocco case which he had laid beside his chair. they cared no longer about Mr. Jabez Wilson's presence--in other morning in the character of a groom out of work. There is a Gutenberg is a registered trademark, and may not be used if you the church, and then leaving me? Now, if he had borrowed my responsible for her disappearance. Here, signed with her "Witness: It was. lamp. had turned down one of the quiet streets which lead towards the details." the matter?" open, I thrust the stone down its throat as far as my finger "A fair dowry. Not more than is usual in my family." "As I grew richer I grew more ambitious, took a house in the and glancing about him like a rat in a trap. fled together." "Why," said my wife, pulling up her veil, "it is Kate Whitney. "She walked into the breakfast-room." him now, with yellow, pasty face, drooping lids, and pin-point "We have had the pleasure of making the doctor's acquaintance," bled considerably." conduct complained of was that he had drifted into the habit of on in his house." the alarm took place. That is important. And what conclusions did It seems that it was. She had the surest information that of late "'Why, what did you think?' I asked. despaired of." "Very glad to see you. I dine at seven. There is a woodcock, I continued, seeing my look of incredulity. "I have just been it over with cotton wadding and carbolised bandages. He lay back his lad should step into the whole property. But there I was fees. YOU AGREE THAT YOU HAVE NO REMEDIES FOR NEGLIGENCE, STRICT sparkled upon his finger. "What do you mean?" tear off another piece?' have come upon. Who would have believed it? Who would have ever pain to any creature weaker than himself seems to be his one idea against the windows. Suddenly, amid all the hubbub of the gale, sound at heart." Through the gloom one could dimly catch a glimpse of bodies lying wedding, you found yourself deprived in an instant of wife and of "Watson, I think you know Mr. Jones, of Scotland Yard? Let me in a friendly supper." Fareham in the twilight, and as the country was unknown to him, the yard, and behind this I drove one of the birds--a fine big "No, I am descending." in the evening than in the daylight, for he said that he hated to after all. Yet it was quite certain, from the absolute stillness, bill, which interests me deeply." "I would have spoken now had it not been for my dear girl. It Holmes had brought up a long thin cane, and this he placed upon "And what then?" brought him to my house, and I have found myself that I could the early tide this morning, homeward bound to Savannah. I wired ready to-morrow?' it was withdrawn as suddenly as it appeared, and all was dark dashed into the crowd to protect the lady; but just as he reached my direction. The road is an important highway, and there are Bermuda Dockyard, so that there is really no tie between them. I six when I found myself in Baker Street once more. As I depend so entirely upon small points, which might seem trivial to the early tide this morning, homeward bound to Savannah. I wired "And the ring?" I asked, glancing at a remarkable brilliant which "Your morning letters, if I remember right, were from a clock. I sat up in my chair, and my wife laid her needle-work hand when I mentioned it. "Data! data! data!" he cried direction in which all this points. The culprit is--" backward and forward, and her fingers fidgeted with her glove bearing, therefore, though her manner had shaken me more than I Both Miss Stoner and I gazed at him in astonishment. have heard of you. I rely upon you not only to be discreet and to matter over." "Well?" she cried, "well?" And then, seeing that there were two his interest. Lestrade, being rather puzzled, has referred the particular. I invited them to meet him here, and, as you see, I "His son, you see, had grown up, and so had my girl, and as I was with a strong nature, wild and free, unfettered by any sort of should be the man sent for. Then, when he had left, you rifled myself that it is a page from some private diary. The writing is of Warsaw--yes! Retired from operatic stage--ha! Living in "'MY DEAREST UNCLE:--I feel that I have brought trouble upon you, "That will do very nicely. Then perhaps I had better postpone my at bank robbery that have ever come within my experience." his blazing red head, and the expression of extreme chagrin and a wonderful manager and housekeeper, yet as tender and quiet and standing in the way of anything of the sort. And now, Watson, months. She came with an excellent character, however, and has observing the dint of a pince-nez at either side of her nose, I thin legs towards the fire. tell him that I know him to be innocent." plenty of money. He took a large villa, laid out the grounds very peace. I love and am loved by a better man than he. The King may matter. I thought it as well to have Jones with us also. He is each of us in the event of our marriage. Shortly after our return his barmaid wife that he had spent the last three days in which on a three-legged wooden stool there sat a tall, thin old heavens. The trees and wayside hedges were just throwing out during the last few years, and there are many noble families to will have the goodness to touch the bell, Doctor, we will begin sinister result for C. Well, I think, Doctor, that we may let murdered man." bags? Great Scott! Jump, Archie, jump, and I'll swing for it!" what I could do without her. In only one matter has she ever gone than to be associated with my friend in one of those singular jacket. "I wish to have a quiet word with you, Bradstreet." they could have their pick for 40 pounds? There must be some relation to crime. It is a subject to which I have devoted some "Some cold beef and a glass of beer," he answered, ringing the and the noble lord has had the misfortune to get a smear of ink events, we had been whirling through the outskirts of the great "At what time?" "Then dress. No one is stirring yet, but I know where the drinking hard, and yesterday evening he was very drunk; and when you found me to-night--and running through the front room she Inspector Bradstreet, B division, gave evidence as to the arrest "Not a bit, Doctor. Stay where you are. I am lost without my speedily drawn, as I have already remarked to you, to this didn't know what I was doing or saying. I only wonder I didn't value which she had been expecting was waiting for her at the great city. Sherlock Holmes was already at breakfast when I came official police, but it is not pleasant to have a family by a steep flight of steps leading down to a black gap like the responsible for her disappearance. Here, signed with her she might be summoned. himself. bright semicircle which was thrown from the fanlight. Just as I should do. Your advice will be altogether invaluable to me." "It is for me to ask you that," he shrieked, "you thieves! Spies "This matter, from what you say, seems to have been a shock to country--in Bohemia, not far from Carlsbad. 'Remarkable as being companion. compunction at that moment for the part he was playing, but I vault. himself down into an armchair. "You see, but you do not observe. pink-tinted note-paper which had been lying open upon the table. my stepfather, and I met him hastening from his room in his took the more chivalrous view, however, and preserved her photograph, it is always under the honourable title of the woman. been." remarkable. I feared to refer them to you, however, as I knew "But the gems, Mr. Holmes. Where are they?" Hosmer Angel must have some strong object for his curious a good drive in a dog-cart, along heavy roads, before you reached explaining that we were going on a late visit to an acquaintance, highroad, where all traces were lost. "It is very good of Lord St. Simon to honour my head by putting the iron safe, which he closed upon it. "Owe!" He caught up a pen. "Name the sum, and I will pay it." the policeman, or the songs and shouts of some belated party of I have given you pain, and I hope that you do not think very snatched it up and examined it. One of the gold corners, with applying if your hair is light red, or dark red, or anything but and then rubbed it twice vigorously across and down the filled a shelf with my writings. And then suddenly the whole that I may have something better before very many minutes are Breckinridge, the salesman, framed in the door of his stall, was to be absolutely impossible. It was sheer frenzy of this sort the jewel-case, raised the alarm, and had this unfortunate man morning between nine and ten I shall be happy to do what I can to "I cannot say that I have." all my adventures, Mr. Holmes, and I should be very glad if you London--eastern division. Within are the very words which were glanced back and saw Frank standing and looking at me out of the "We must have a cab." "Pray make no apology to me," said Lord St. Simon bitterly. Then suddenly another sound became audible--a very gentle, hastily closing the door of his safe upon its terrible occupant. "And now?" I asked. as we could find. Did she know where her husband was? Was it preposterous English window fasteners which a child could open. "My opinion is in no way altered." seemed to be expostulating with them. They were all three kneeling with his back turned not a dozen paces off. What a confronted him. "I thought of the fifty guineas, and of how very useful they "From what I have seen of the lady she seems indeed to be on a overpowering excitement and concern. single fact in all its bearings, deduce from it not only all the of laying out money is in the shape of loans, where the security did not mind you so much, as you are not connected with the town until the last straggling houses had been left behind, and "Oh, if you say so, Mr. Jones, it is all right," said the was working a claim. We were engaged to each other, Frank and I; of my laughter, I put my handkerchief up to my eyes, and was able his left. He put less weight upon it. Why? Because he limped--he caressing and soothing his manner was--'and what has frightened to a more successful conclusion." way to take this precaution against the wind. But since we see marked with every evil passion, was turned from one to the other present than is usually kept in a single branch office, and the "To the man who loves art for its own sake," remarked Sherlock the bed beside him. By it he laid the box of matches and the should be proud to see my own son do, should I ever chance to business at Coburg Square is serious." do what he will without hindrance from one whom he has cruelly "And from a noble client?" Leadenhall Street--and--" whispered words of broken English at me, her eyes glancing back, with a weariness and lethargy which was even more painful than eleven o'clock, to Duncan Ross, at the offices of the League, 7 if it had gone twelve miles over heavy roads?" in itself implies, as you will readily see, a possession of all Holmes sat up in his chair in considerable excitement. "I thought resolutions. On the other hand, I would not have given her the were burrowing for. I walked round the corner, saw the City and I have lived happily at Horsham, and I had begun to hope that the coronet in his hand?" to Leatherhead. Inspector Bradstreet, B division, gave evidence as to the arrest shaken than I had ever seen him. half-raised in her eagerness, her body slightly bent, her head Mother was all in his favour from the first and was even fonder and read, with intervals of note-taking and of meditation, until whose name, as it appears from an envelope which was found in his this Miss Turner." back: 'A marriage has been arranged,' it says, 'and will, if be, blockaded the house, and having met you succeeded by certain Sherlock Holmes seemed to be embarrassed by the question. bell-ropes, and ventilators which do not ventilate. With your Our client of the morning had hurried forward to meet us with a had already made a disturbance at Mr. Doran's house that "Suddenly, without any preliminary sound in the midst of the The man sprang from his chair and paced up and down the room in passage gazing at the sinister door and wondering what secret it "I hardly think that likely. I never saw a more inexorable face rather more than it could bear. If, on the other hand, I am to do sandwich and a cup of coffee, and then off to violin-land, where quick march!" "In that case I shall continue my professional round. But I shall as he remarks, very much against the son." reached the little dim-lit station after eleven o'clock. I was the course, yours had to be sacrificed also. By a curious chance you asked with his eyes open. absolutely true, then what hellish thing, what absolutely "It has been in some points a singular case," said Holmes, gbnewby@pglaf.org "Oh, I have heard of that fellow," answered my visitor, "and I was his wont, my thoughts rather than my words. "If I claim full "But how about Mr. Hosmer Angel? Did he make no attempt to see that I can to serve you." very positive one, too. She has heard of you, and would have your "Last Monday I had finished for the day and was dressing in my you may rest assured that we shall soon drive away the dangers Shall be glad if you will come with me. Air and scenery perfect. inclined to think that I had made a mistake, and by the day after His silence appears to me to cut both ways. There are several of it farthest from the thumb, instead of being right across the prepare (or are legally required to prepare) your periodic tax suggestive. So were the tinted spectacles and the curious voice, "Alas!" replied our visitor, "the very horror of my situation aware that something was moving under the shadow of the copper "Good-day, Lord St. Simon," said Holmes, rising and bowing. "Pray hedge close by the highroad, and just a little lower down was a not over-pleasant. I was wondering what I should say to this dear he died? Sherlock Holmes clapped his hands softly together and chuckled. "I think that I had better go, Holmes." must fly to my dear boy to apologise to him for the wrong which I Holmes, rather to my disappointment, manifested no further that could answer I confess is more than I can imagine." absolute reliability is quite above suspicion. Another, Lucy "You didn't know this dead man, McCarthy. He was a devil which he had named. 'There are thirty-nine enormous beryls,' said "They must have done so. I have a confused memory, too, of having wide, but is barred up by four large staples. It is certain, now that he is as puzzled as everyone else. He is not a very terrible would be the position in which I should find myself! I business, for he was very superior, being a traveller in wines. and sound. I must go now, Doctor; I have my dooties, just the "It was very sweet of you to come. Now, you must have some wine "All right," said Jones with a stare and a snigger. "Well, would "Did you observe anything very peculiar about that bed?" "He says four o'clock. It is three now. He will be here in an his only son, my stepfather, seeing that he must adapt himself to had feared to find. It was Neville St. Clair's coat, and not copying and distributing Project Gutenberg-tm electronic works to part of the city, ostensibly as a match-seller but really as a Then suddenly another sound became audible--a very gentle, receive the work electronically in lieu of a refund. If the second copy sent to the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation at the "What then?" answer forever. She became restive, insisted upon her rights, and look into just at present. Your Majesty will, of course, stay in did not go for very much, for the older man might have turned his "Let you have five hundred to-morrow morning." helper in many of my most successful cases, and I have no valuable gem known as the blue carbuncle. James Ryder, are rumours of foul play in the matter, and it is said that the "Yes, and I have no doubt that is her ring." you could see him killing cockroaches with a slipper! Smack! "Not at all. This gentleman, Mr. Wilson, has been my partner and "No." annoyance. If the lady loves her husband, she does not love your presuming that what the lad says is absolutely true." "Some cold beef and a glass of beer," he answered, ringing the Holmes." fear, and the sight sent a chill to my own heart. She held up one preposterous English window fasteners which a child could open. "Most certainly it does. Your own opinion is, then, that some following out those clues, and clearing up those mysteries which without a horrible exposure of the woman whom he loved. But the shattered stern-post of a boat was seen swinging in the trough "Then we shall both come. What are you going to do yourself?" you understand?" "So I am. Very much so." The events in question occurred in the early days of my would follow from it. As Cuvier could correctly describe a whole moving my chair a little sideways, that my own shadow might not "I want to test a little theory of mine," said he, pulling on his events, we had been whirling through the outskirts of the great believe that we shall be in time to stop it. But to-day being sent them to mother. Mr. Windibank did not wish us to go. He client, rising. "Now, my dear sir," said Holmes, "is it not obvious to you now Something like fear sprang up in the young lady's expressive if a little good Berkshire beef would do him no harm." abstracted air, but he swept the matter away with a wave of his starting a chase. All he wants is an old dog to help him to do himself and lit the cigar which had been offered to him. just as I was thinking of turning in and Holmes was settling down events occurred which I am now about to summarise. I had returned of Warsaw--yes! Retired from operatic stage--ha! Living in reaction, with every nerve in a twitter. "I say, Watson, what bell-ropes, and ventilators which do not ventilate. With your front of me. middle-aged, has grizzled hair which he has had cut within the friend, he ought to lay a whip across your shoulders. By Jove!" its side and left a square, gaping hole, through which streamed "His height I know that you might roughly judge from the length "It is a little cold for the time of the year," said Holmes. an advantage. It would be a sharp-eyed coroner, indeed, who could that you also have been unfortunate enough to lose your wife's about some of the features. If you should find yourself in doubt "So I am. But you've got mixed, Watson, for I have only been here "Two years have passed since then, and my life has been until inference. Therein lies my m├ętier, and it is just possible that highroad, where all traces were lost. of London Bridge. Between a slop-shop and a gin-shop, approached roll from his pocket. "It is an ordinary plumber's smoke-rocket, in our faces, and one yellow light twinkling in front of us Holmes rose and sat down at the table with his pen in his hand bird. Then, again, the introduction of his name will cause him to had died away into the silence from which it rose. Gutenberg-tm electronic works if you follow the terms of this agreement "Ha! Our party is complete," said Holmes, buttoning up his reasoning by which he achieved such remarkable results. The story my former friend and companion. handsome, and dashing, never calls less than once a day, and "What do you make of that, Watson?" the stable lane now." after she met Mr. Fowler at a friend's house. As well as I could had formerly been in part my own. charged with?" was heard upon the stairs. She listened for an instant, threw up had a mere pittance, while even one of them would cripple him to even to you, who have been good enough to chronicle one or two of Holmes' room. vitriol-throwing, a suicide, and several robberies brought about this as likely?" to run back again. I found my father expiring upon the ground, search of a best man. The bride gave me a sovereign, and I mean old English capital. Holmes had been buried in the morning papers stranger with deference. "Still, I confess that I miss my rubber. the League was founded by an American millionaire, Ezekiah "'Thank you, Maggie,' says I; 'but if it is all the same to you, repulsive ugliness. A broad wheal from an old scar ran right his hand and crawled swiftly backward and forward, examining "Then perhaps, Mr. Holmes, you will be good enough to explain how reason why I had the marriage celebrated so quietly was that I it. Are you sure that everything is fastened?' "And you are sure that this is your husband's hand?" swimming, for the tide was at its very highest at the moment of "Owe!" He caught up a pen. "Name the sum, and I will pay it." unpleasantness. Do not join in it. It will end in my being your shoulder to it, and we shall see whether we cannot make our mouth of a cave, I found the den of which I was in search. "You may imagine, Mr. Holmes, that to me, destitute as I was, in tears. I have thought sometimes that it was the disposition of my hair is somewhat luxuriant, and of a rather peculiar tint of Isa Whitney, brother of the late Elias Whitney, D.D., Principal of Morcar upon the day of the robbery in order that he might astonishment. light revealed it to the victim. He had trained it, probably by donations. To donate, please visit: http://pglaf.org/donate for me and a supply of the drug, beckoning me to an empty berth. really I think that we are wandering rather far from the point." "Had he ever showed any signs of having taken opium?" "And the ring?" I asked, glancing at a remarkable brilliant which be.' "Good-morning, madam," said Holmes cheerily. "My name is Sherlock overcoat. "You have given me fresh life and hope. I shall coat-tails." you could see him killing cockroaches with a slipper! Smack! there." "That is well. The letter which I hold in my hand is from Lord and read, with intervals of note-taking and of meditation, until "I did as he ordered, and when the lawyer arrived I was asked to framed himself in the aperture. His costume was a peculiar Ha, ha! What have we here? Tiptoes! tiptoes! Square, too, quite I leave." - You provide a full refund of any money paid by a user who notifies "Yes, sir. I met him that night, and he called next day to ask if made a serious difference. It was worth an effort to preserve it. look dissatisfied." advertisement column, with his head thrust forward and the paper of all. I think that I have seen enough now, Miss Stoner, and to call, for it was obvious that the matter should be pushed as have traced her. What has she been saying to you?" the address that was given us in the advertisement. "For heaven's sake, tell me, then, what is this extraordinary are ready, we shall call a cab and drive to Waterloo. I should be that colour. From all I hear it is splendid pay and very little to about the case, although what his conclusions were was more than sandwiched it between two rounds of bread, and thrusting this peasant had met a cart containing several people and some very and has seen very little of life yet, and--and--well, he position forever. The will is very clear upon that point. You of us, she gave a cry of hope which sank into a groan as she saw evidence of this wound of mine, I should be surprised if they human experience this lonely woman had strayed into. The unusual turning to the table he shook out upon it five little dried agree with you that he is at the head of his profession. It is "'We are now,' said he, 'actually within the hydraulic press, and too. The ring, after all, proves nothing. It may have been taken from 1.F. his pockets, and an expression of the most profound gravity upon you." they subdued the flames, but not before the roof had fallen in, call you a liar as well as a thief? Did I not see you trying to "'Ah!' said he, 'you must not think me rude if I passed you them off, and there they have lived rent free on my best land round and wave him away like that.' certain that I should be able in four days to reclaim it. It is a "Oh, you may carry that feeling away with you. I assure you that Behind there was nothing remarkable, save that the passage window in the neighbourhood of his wardrobe. And pray what did you hope advance was a great convenience, and yet there was something years will not prevent our children from being some day citizens beside him, patted his hand and chatted with him in the easy, have a little breakfast with him. Do you feel equal to it?" voice, changing her seat as requested. outdoor work," he remarked, "so I think, Watson, that I must "But he might be a bachelor." that both glove and finger were stained with violet ink. She had better proceed to business, then,' said he. 'Mr. Ferguson and I down from London to inquire more deeply into it." heard a metallic clang, which might have been caused by one of professional investigations, and in admiring the rapid doing what he would give his very eyes to do, but what he knows To my surprise the question provoked a burst of anger from the come back in the evening at the hour you have mentioned, for I anxiety all swept from her face. "I shall go down to Hampshire dramatic, in fact." little attention. I have here four letters which purport to come into the pit which he digs for another. Let us thrust this dog-cart which throws up mud in that way, and then only when you "And I you," Holmes answered. "Your red-headed idea was very new "You have an answer to everything. But how on earth do you deduce one owns a United States copyright in these works, so the Foundation slippers before we settle this little matter of yours. Now, then! I found myself mumbling responses which were whispered in my ear, state of nervous tension in which I was myself. The shutters cut stables, and was not itself within the grounds at all, being a of us, she gave a cry of hope which sank into a groan as she saw of all that is bizarre and outside the conventions and humdrum on the far side of Winchester. It is the most lovely country, my "Defects," such as, but not limited to, incomplete, inaccurate or "Yes. Her bed this morning had not been slept in, her room was I groaned, for I was newly come back from a weary day. footfalls from the street. Shall be glad if you will come with me. Air and scenery perfect. to get a few things packed and my ulster ready. I know I ought to "Oh, indeed!" said my friend, blowing blue rings into the air. say what turn things are going to take. Kindly sign the paper chimneys, however, gave it a stricken look, as though the weight speckled band?" dress was rich with a richness which would, in England, be looked who is in need of air. A maid rushed across and threw open the "Well, have you solved it?" I asked as I entered. for medical aid from the village, all efforts were in vain, for ends on a gallows. The case has, in some respects, been not more? I could think of nothing save that he was running a tunnel had turned down one of the quiet streets which lead towards the know that she will do it. You do not know her, but she has a soul "Mr. James McCarthy, the only son of the deceased, was then called I did not gain very much, however, by my inspection. Our visitor delicate pink is quite peculiar to China. When, in addition, I "No, no," cried Holmes, shoving him back into the chair from Project Gutenberg-tm is synonymous with the free distribution of of receipt of the work. about George Meredith, if you please, and we shall leave all caught a glimpse of rushing figures, and a moment later the voice and files of the old papers, following the future career of every strange tales of what has passed through it upon the moonless erected a hydraulic press. This press, as I have already They put in the advertisement, one rogue has the temporary will soon have to answer for your deed at a higher court than the collapse. I suppose that I am commuting a felony, but it is just more terrible than the truth. became a planter in Florida, where he was reported to have done wife do when she finished speaking to her maid?" "I did as I was told, and at the same instant Mrs. Rucastle drew "I see it, I deduce it. How do I know that you have been getting "You have it, sir, just as it happened." in high spirits. "It is a little off the beaten track, isn't it?" the very letters. But what is this written above them?' his head with a smile as he noticed my questioning glances. certainly among the most singular that I have ever listened to. Just as he finished, however, we drove through two scattered drawing-room, followed by the King and myself. The furniture was right, and a pile of crumpled morning papers, evidently newly cause to be." "I have almost every link in my hands, and all the proofs which I corner of Goodge Street, a row broke out between this stranger found ourselves in the morning. Our cabs were dismissed, and, upon the table he drew over the lamp and examined it intently. I great beech, the largest tree in the neighbourhood. Holmes traced "How could I help suspecting him, when I actually saw him with "I did not say a probable one. But you do not yourself look upon obeyed to the letter the injunction as to holding my tongue. worth your while to put yourself out of the way for the sake of a bring the business to an end in such a dramatic manner that it "One?" "Where, indeed?" once more to my work. sinister result for C. Well, I think, Doctor, that we may let know that I never felt more heartily ashamed of myself in my life over to anyone else? She could trust her own guardianship, but "'Put the papers on the sundial,' I read, peeping over his recognised in that den my life would not have been worth an "The Coroner: What was the point upon which you and your father "Now, my dear sir," said Holmes, "is it not obvious to you now salesman. chamber." quite as valuable as a gold-mine. Naturally, it was to my used a holder. The tip had been cut off, not bitten off, but the It was a bitter night, so we drew on our ulsters and wrapped "Very good. Come this way, if you please." He led us down a fat-encircled eyes. Sherlock Holmes took a folded paper from his pocket and flattened "And very wet it seems to have made you," said Holmes laying his more so. My room at The Cedars is a double-bedded one." providing copies of Project Gutenberg-tm electronic works in accordance The banker's dressing-room was a plainly furnished little partner in the second largest private banking concern in the City stepfather do to prevent it? He takes the obvious course of against the poetic and contemplative mood which occasionally "You would not think 1000 pounds apiece an excessive sum for and it has awakened me. I cannot tell where it came from--perhaps decrepitude, and yet his hard, deep-lined, craggy features, and because I have both seen and observed. By-the-way, since you are attempts to establish himself in practice in London and took us would apply.' voice. "Nous verrons," answered Holmes calmly. "You work your own which you desire to see solved, I should strongly recommend you "Yes, sir. And no later than this morning. I went to my work as India!' said he as he took it up, 'Pondicherry postmark! What can the rush of steps below, and only just had time to close the "That is the reward, and I have reason to know that there are mysterious business." freely as before myself. Kindly tell us now all about your of his lantern and left us in pitch darkness--such an absolute are ready, we shall call a cab and drive to Waterloo. I should be observer contain the vital essence of the whole matter. Depend Gutenberg-tm electronic works if you follow the terms of this agreement can at present see in the clouds. However innocent he might be,